A Lost Poem

Why was I afraid of you, my love
you don’t bite…I know that
but everyone was playing outside and I didn’t wanna get left behind

You still stuck around
even when I ignored you,
or couldn’t see you

My eyes were muddied over with stars and ideas
glazed over with ideas of time

Kneeling on the floor, crying about the wind
you stood there
watching me drink to numb the pain away
you allowed

then you watched me as I stood up, dried my eyes, and foolishly tried and tried again.

The Invitation

Can we walk in both.

Can we stand in the fire and let our flesh burn and melt and yet be totally free and unscathed.

This is the invitation šŸ’•

This Book is NOT to be understood!

Rebekah’s new book “This is Love” is now available on Amazon.

A Love Affair written on paper!

This is the second book from the non-duality speaker Rebekah Maroon, and it is the second and final part to the “This is…” Series from the author.

Excerpt from the back of the book: ‘This is not a book simply written for the intellect…but is one for the heart. This is a book about losing yourself and falling in love. Not falling in love with some idea or some one, like in the movies; but a falling in love with your true nature. Falling in love so much so, that you, and the falling, disappear; and all that is left is everything; which is love.’

This Book is NOT to be understood!

Change to Streaming days

Hi EveryšŸ˜ne,

I will no longer be doing live streams twice a week, but instead, once a month! The last Sunday of the month.

I will still be doing my silent sitting on the Second Sunday of the month. Same times.

Just to reiterate:

Second Sunday of month – Silent Sitting 10am til 11:30am
Last Sunday of the month – Live Stream 10:30am.

Thanks for your cooperation and understandingĀ šŸ˜‰

Much loveĀ šŸ„°

A Poem – Inside

Man inside well


There’s a river availableĀ 

a river of rest

a place that the human can find solace and peace

the human can’t find it…but it is here




inside the hollow of this moment.


Can the world be dimmed enough to hear?

Don’t go out too far…you’ll miss the fun.

You will never die

My 5 year old shed tears today saying she didn’t want to die and that she wanted to be alive forever.
She has said a similar thing before a couple of months back, and it really shocked me.

I think I went with the brutal version and told her that all things die, and reminded her about her broken toys, the changing seasons and how she disappeared as she slept every night.

This time however, it felt better to tell her the other way, it felt more loving…I told her that she wouldn’t die. That she couldn’t. That she was all things…but just in different forms.

I doubt this was understood in language, but the energy of this felt better <3

I never thought about teaching my kids about non-duality unless they asked…I never guessed that they would ask without even asking.


I was sent this poem yesterday by a friend…it seems fitting:

Do not stand at my grave and weep


Hi, I’m on Facebook

Hi lovies that follow my blog on here.
Just realised that I need to let you know, that I post most of my writing on facebook these days, and hardly write on this blog.

This is my facebook page <3 Hope to see and speak to you some time <3

The wonder of you


You are beautiful…no matter what thoughts say
There’s no problem…no matter what thoughts say
This is where love is…no matter what thoughts say
This is enough…no matter what thoughts say