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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Ralph

    Wonderful so nice……just keep pointing.

  2. Danusia

    Hi Rebecah . Somebody pointed you out to me at Lisa Cairns meeting in March, but I only found you recently on you tube. I need to learn how to ask questions etc, it’s all so technological.! But really really great listening to you. Perhaps you will speak or have a meeting somewhere. Will buy your book for sure. But will skip the story ” how You got there” . Xxxxx Danusia

    • Hi! Well we can arrange a time to skype and you can ask me a question then or you can call in, again on Skype, but during a live broadcast. Whichever way is fine x

  3. Danusia

    Thank you so much Rebecah. Just managed to get you live on username . Lovely, and Lee’s conversation really interesting. One day I will figure out how to actually speak to you but wonderful to listen to you in the meantime. THANK YOU SO MUCH..Also have you thought about having a talk in Philadelphia place , in London??? Danusia

    • You have to get a Skype account and then friend me on there.
      I’m open to doing talks…but there has to be enough interest to cover the costs you see. x

  4. Hi Rebekah,
    By sursprise I discovered a talk/sharing in Tiru,India.I am deeply touched by how to say “‘the whole thing” atmosphere happening there. What words can I say this moment? Very little. First now I immediately have ordered your book. Casper from Holland


    When you moved in close to the camera and were just silent…your eyes Communicated Love in a very powerful way! Incredible Eyes!! I’ve spent my whole life searching and studying the Great Traditions, there have been glimpses. I just bought your book, “This Is God”. It is Wonderful! Sometimes “I” am aware that Everything is a Divine Play, a Dreamlike Appearance But, my Dream Character still seems to be Trapped in the Dream! How to See Completely?

    • Hi 🙂 Best to ask questions on Skype during my stream, or send them to my email before hand, I don’t answer them on here. Nice to meet you 🙂

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