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From dreamt Limitation and Autonomy, to Life itself;

Wholeness Speaking.


Non Duality (Not Two) is an energetic communication that is spoken beyond the meaning of the words, which is to say, beyond the intellect and its dream reality of a separate person.

‘Kelly’ expresses this non-personal switch over, based around the dissolving of an energetic over-identification to the personal self; and how the human, freed from this seeking to find freedom/wholeness/peace/love is now free to be the conditioned human animal it appears to be.


The discovery and integration of this, she confirms and proclaims, is True Love, Peace, Power and Happiness.



An incomprehensible rediscovery of that which was never lost

Kelly has spent time with various teachers, the most influential of which were #Lisa Cairns, #Tony Parsons, #Mooji, and #Eckhart Tolle.

Kelly has travelled and given talks in India, Vienna, Ibiza, Belgium, UK, and Romania.