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If you would like a private session to speak with Kelly about nonduality, then please send an email to


any and all.

If you would like a private session with Kelly, to share and express any human experiences of pain, again please send an email to


Note: Sessions aren’t quite so rigidly divided. So if there is a sense of avoidance and over-identification with non-dual concepts, the human side may be explored and pointed to more, and vice versa with over-identification with person-hood.
Just worth mentioning the wholistic and fluid nature of the sessions.

Each session is different and unique, we never know what will come out of the mouths!

An hour session (on Zoom or Skype) by Donation.

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By way of a disclaimer, Kelly is not a qualified therapist or counsellor. By donating and participating in a session, you are saying you agree and understand this, and still wish to proceed.