A page from my book

This was written this morning.
I was gonna keep it for my book….but I think it’s beautiful, so I’m sharing it.
May as well give my book away for free now, lol!

Page from my book:

When you’ve heard about the future and past being an illusion or being the cause of your problem, the idea of being here and now, being present, seems logical. And from that perspective it makes sense, the future isn’t here, the past has already gone, don’t waste time on it, be here now.

But the past, the future and the now, all belong in that time bound reality.

There is no past, future and now, they are all objects, ideas, movements that appear and are moving.
They are all things that appear in this no-thing that is being pointed to.

What is being pointed to is beyond those things.

It is not however, separate from them it’s just that the appearance of time; past, future and now, appears in it.

The one trying to be here and now, and the idea of here and now, are objects or appearances in this.

That’s why this practice is impossible to achieve, all the appearances are always changing!

The one trying to be here and now isn’t always appearing.
It appears, tries to be present for a while, and then there’s just eating, speaking to someone, thinking, doing the dishes…..and then it appears again “oh I wasn’t being present!” it says in frustration.

When in reality it wasn’t even there!

But to it, it feels like it was there the whole time, like it was just distracted or something.

It feels like it’s a permanent consistent thing.

It can’t possibly conceive of it’s own non-existence. How could it!

In reality, there are just appearances seemingly appearing and disappearing.

Out of Nothing, As Nothing, Back into Nothing.

This is God.
This is what has been spoken about for eons.
This is the basis of all religions.
This is all there has ever been.
This is all there ever could be.

This is all there is.

Copyright Rebekah Maroon 2015 😀

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