Cancellation of Ustream

As some of you already know, my weekly ustream is cancelled.
I’m shocked by this too, especially as my book is due out and i’m getting more likes and followers 🙂

Okay, so i just thought i’d try and put feeling to paper (this usually works).

It feels like this is becoming a market place.
This human is not good at being the leader, upfront.
The followers want something that i don’t have.
Part of this human wants it; It’s nice to have followers and be liked, especially to be given money.
I can’t promote myself; I have nothing to follow through with, LOL!

It may be interpreted from the above, as a criticism  or that i’m talking about other speakers, but I can’t help that interpretation. I’m not btw, i’m talking about this human.

It may also be interpreted, as i’m being the good guy, the morally high one, i’m not.
I would love to be the popular one and have millions of followers who love me 🙂

Just to be clear, i’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with doing broadcasts, it’s a great way to share and speak about this and it’s free!
I’m also not saying that it’s wrong to have loads of followers; if there’s an attraction to a speaker, then there’s an attraction.

Okay, so back to my point…

The main thing is I think, is that i’m here…i’m reachable.
If you wanna sit with me, if you wanna skype me, we can arrange it…i’m here.

When the memory comes of the suffering of being someone in time…then it boils back down to the most improtant thing…and that’s freedom.
That’s what there’s a passion about here…freedom; and it really feels like those humans who wanna hear me, will find me, they’ll come.

It’s been great doing the broadcasts, and thanks to everyone involved in them; such a beautiful sharing.

I may even come back…in a week….in a month…in a year…who knows?

I don’t know if any of what i’ve just written is ‘the reason’…but i’ve always done what i’ve felt (or in nd language “the impulses have always been followed here” 😉 )

Love you so much <3


One thought on “Cancellation of Ustream

  1. Dearest Rebekah,
    I so much enjoyed you every moment on your videos…talking or not. Just sitting with you and being with the silence until words came out. Thank you for doing videos as much as you did and that they are available to me – to us if wanted. The message is the same anyway over and over …pointed from different angels.
    I can not do anything to get out of what is there as perceived as “I” because my attempt is again directed from the perceived “I” which wants something else or more. Just sitting with you in your freedom which is somewhere all along and always also mine (no one’s because there is no one!) is a gift.
    I know that my work so far is playing with the “prison” to make it more comfortable to live in…more loving or more enjoying. I am still imprisoned myself.
    Thank you ….Love to you and your two adorable little children. BE

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