Every thing

All these appearances appearing; sounds, sights, sensations, emotions, smells, thoughts, touch, tastes. All of them so intimate, so miraculously appearing out of nowhere, and miraculously dissolving again, unable to be found. Never to be identically replaced or recreated.

Some of them want to be avoided, moved away from; some of them want to be kept and are chased after.
The futility of this cannot be seen by this seeking one.


The body machine is programmed to survive, and so it will automatically do this moving away from pain and moving towards pleasure. But this seeking energy does this also, as it wants to survive and find its happiness in appearances.

This seeking energy feels separate, which doesn’t feel very nice, and so to end this awful feeling, it seeks for pleasure. It thinks it can find the end of this awful feeling by getting pleasure from something. And obviously getting pleasure is nice, it can remove that awful feeling, but only temporarily, and so more and more things or hits are needed. Constantly in this chase from one thing to the next, always hoping and believing the next thing will do it.

The appearance of pain or negativity is the last thing it wants, that would indicate that it’s not getting to this imaginary place of constant pleasure it seeks. So it wants to avoid it, run away from it, and society supports that. People don’t want to see negativity, they don’t want to see people crying or angry or depressed. Society wants you to put a happy face on, even if you’re not, keep the charade going of positivity and hope of getting there.

There’s also a lot of fear about breaking down, losing control, dieing, being totally overwhelmed with the emotion and not being able to come back from that and be able to function.

So on it goes, blocking out the bad, and chasing the good.


But the so called interpreted ‘bad’ has to come, there can’t always just be sun, rain is needed, rain isn’t bad. There has to be a left so you can know right, there has to be dry to know wet, the opposites need each other for the world to appear.

So then how crazy this energy is to think there can only be happy experiences, only joy and pleasure. Only tears of laughter and not tears of sadness.


When this moving away one is no more, then everything is free to appear and be what it is. Nothing is being affected by it anymore. Nothing is seeking its fulfilment from the appearances anymore. The appearances are seen to be empty appearances that come and go, like a painter painting with water on a canvas, nothing remains.

And I’m not even saying, stop running away, this isn’t being spoken to that runner, that mover; this is the beauty.

Who is really experiencing this, has never moved a millimetre.

Who is really experiencing this is nothing.

Nothing is appearing as everything.


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  1. Ingrid Hecht

    it is so lovely to read this…thank you, Rebekah…with love Ingrid

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