I love non-duality so much, it really is the most beautiful subject ever, it’s my passion, it’s my heart. But I really feel like as it’s become more popular, not more popular, but I mean more familiar, like people have heard the basis of the message over and over again, the phrases have been learnt, or the outcome of the talks or meetings understood by the brain to be ‘nothing’s in it for me, there’s no point’. I just feel like it’s been high-jacked by that interpretation. People don’t want to get too close or open up to the speaker. Like you just want to take from the speaker, what they are saying and sharing from their experience and then use it for yourself, add it to your conceptual arsenal and go off and start to repeat.

I’m not saying I haven’t done that…I’m just saying I see it, I see it.

What is shared here, is based on this body’s experience, yes the descriptions and the words the brain has learnt from other speakers, but the heart can’t be learnt…this aliveness…this freedom…this realisation or seeing can’t be learnt.

And so I urge those that have that passion for freedom (and you’ll know what I mean), to come with honesty, humbleness and openness. I already hear those with stale understanding say, ‘who is she urging?!’ ‘bullshit, there is no one to be honest’ etc… – To those I say, don’t come…but the door is always open.

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  1. <3 🙂

  2. Helen Coyne

    Hallooo Rebekah ,
    Do you do talks in Nottingham or Leicester .xx

    • Hi Helen, I have done in Nottingham, but none planned for the minute. If it happens again, I’ll mention on my stream and post on here under events. 🙂

      • Helen Coyne

        OK Cool xx


    Yes. You are right! Just Memorizing, not a true Realization. People parroting other speakers. People must dig deeper. Much Deeper!!

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