Never the meaning…Always the sounds

The problem with the human is that rather than the noise being a noise, the noise has become “I know what that is, that’s an aeroplane flying through the sky”…and there’s nothing wrong with that ability in the human to apparantly know, to label, to conceptualize.

But what’s happened in the human due to that ability, is the noise has been dulled, flattened, greyed out, and instead the concept or meaning of the noise has been chosen and taken as what the noise in, rather than the actual raw noise itself.

The person is and lives in this conceptual-I know world, and therefore the beauty and aliveness of the appearances themselves are not fulfilling enough.

The meanings will always lead to more and more…the sound has played and gone.


3 thoughts on “Never the meaning…Always the sounds

  1. Stuart Kaufman

    Maybe knowing “things” is the source of duality?

  2. Ingrid Hecht

    we are really connected…we are one…this message is beautiful. Thank you Rebekah.

  3. ela ninoiu

    How beautifully said…

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