Please Buy this Very Good Book!

My first book is Out and Available to Buy from Amazon.

This book was written over about a year, just writing lines and paragraphs that came, and I self-published it using createspace.

Thanks to everyone that helped, Julie Rumbarger, Rookuzz and Others <3


3 thoughts on “Please Buy this Very Good Book!

  1. Ingrid Hecht

    This book is amazing. It is the best I have ever read about Non-Duality.
    ♥💐🌾♥💐🌾♥💐 thank you so much, Rebekah! 💐🌾♥💐🌾♥💐♥

  2. Deepa

    End of the “one” that knows and owns the uncomfortableness….Love the book : )
    Thank you Rebekah, for continuing to pull the rug from under the “incessant claimer”. Especially love that the book is short and only a few pages ( seems to ease the “heady hoarder”) and the beautiful cover : )

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