The suffering dream of I

There is a dream happening of an individual self that is moving through time and moving through life.

It’s a total dream.

Life is what’s happening, and it is happening to and for no-one.
The dream of self claims this to be happening to it, and that it is the experiencer or knower of this.

This fictitious entity is more than a belief, or a thought, it is an energetical contraction held in the body, which gives the impression of individualism, of separation, of I am.

With this sense of separation, this sense of “I exist”, comes suffering, searching and seeking. Searching and seeking to end the suffering, to find answers, to find the truth, to find God/Love/Home/Completion/Fulfilment.

What is being searched for will never be found by that searcher energy.
What is being searched for never left.
The arising of the apparent separate searcher is what seemed to veil the freedom.

So the searcher energy cannot mentally learn this and stop searching, it is a searcher. But what seems to happen, is this dream searcher disintegrates, and what is left is freedom, which is all there ever is.

This isn’t a message of hope or hopelessness, it’s a song of freedom, with no intention…it just sings <3

2 thoughts on “The suffering dream of I

  1. martina hall

    Rebekah thank you for your talks the fifteen minute one especially best regards Tina

  2. Hans Dunnebier

    Thank you Rebekah, “you” are SO SPONTANEOUS !! And sweet, full of LOVE.
    Thanks again. Greetings from Hans.

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