What A Juicy World!

I remember feeling like the world was wrong.
This was wrong, this was wrong, this should be changed etc.. I wanted to join movements and change the world, make it a more righteous, more loving, more harmonious place.

I’m not saying that doing any of that is wrong, I like it when I see people demonstrating for and standing up for change.

But the momentum for that seems to have gone here.

The belief in that change in the world leading to my peace is gone.

I see the passion sometimes in people who are on a soapbox, fighting for a cause. And I see that they want me to join in, to agree with them and support the latest campaign.
A lot of times I do agree with these campaigns, and may even sign a petition, share or like, have my say in a juicy controversial debate, but usually I ignore it and don’t get involved.

I don’t really care anymore.
Which can sound harsh and cold, and well, uncaring ;)…..but it’s not in a cold or harsh or uncaring way.

What’s been discovered here is unconditional love. I cry as I type these words.
This. This. This…..As It Is. Perfection in all its apparent imperfection.

All of it.
The messy bits, the angry bits, the hateful bits, the painful bits, the embarrassing bits, the unfair bits, the beautiful bits.
All of it.
Even the trying-to-change-it bits.

Nothing is out of place, or is as it shouldn’t be.

What a juicy world <3

2 thoughts on “What A Juicy World!

  1. Thierry

    So thankful to read (see) you here (yt.)

  2. Ivet

    Love this one too 🙂 <3 thank you Rebekah

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