There’s no-one there but…

Awakening is painful.
This ain’t no picnic.

I see that the person wants to stay in the lightness, stay in the concepts of there’s no-one there.
When there’s a slight touching of that pain underneath, when there’s an opening of that lid, it quickly wants to go back to the comfort of the teaching of there’s no-one there, to handle or to numb the experience of pain.

And while this is true, there isn’t anyone, the taking of this on as a concept to hide from the experience isn’t what this awakening is about!

There can’t be true freedom or liberation without the darkness bursting out of that container.

But the person will now, more than likely run to the concept, “yes but freedom or liberation is all there is silly” 🙂

And that’s okay, I’m just saying, life won’t let you stay there; it’s going to consume this sense of you.
Awakening is no picnic.
Lots of Love  <3

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