It’s funny, I (Rebekah) have never really been a socially confident person, and so making more friends, is something that I actually need to do 😀
But this subject isn’t being spoken about to make friends! This isn’t about Rebekah being nice to you and being your friend!!!
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Humans think that love is a commodity, a thing.

We think that love is perfection in life, as in the end of the darkness, the negative, the bad.
There can never be perfection in that way. Perfection is both the light and dark, the positive and negative, the good and bad. They couldn’t exist without each other.

That kind of limited personal love is the flip side of hate. It changes. It flunctuates. It’s owned and it’s given. It’s manipulated. It’s personal.

The love that is being spoken about or pointed to, is Unconditional Love.
That love is Nothing, but it includes Everything. Is Everything.
Good-Bad, Up-Down, Love-Hate etc.. All the opposites are held in this Love, are created out of this Love, Are this Love.

So Love is the starving child, the food-withholder, the food-giver and the food!

How Compassionate. How Beautiful. How Complete.

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