You will never die

My 5 year old shed tears today saying she didn’t want to die and that she wanted to be alive forever.
She has said a similar thing before a couple of months back, and it really shocked me.

I think I went with the brutal version and told her that all things die, and reminded her about her broken toys, the changing seasons and how she disappeared as she slept every night.

This time however, it felt better to tell her the other way, it felt more loving…I told her that she wouldn’t die. That she couldn’t. That she was all things…but just in different forms.

I doubt this was understood in language, but the energy of this felt better <3

I never thought about teaching my kids about non-duality unless they asked…I never guessed that they would ask without even asking.


I was sent this poem yesterday by a friend…it seems fitting:

Do not stand at my grave and weep


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