As It Is

I used to think that I had to work out my flaws, Iron out my oddities, Eridicate my weirdness…before I went out there, before I presented and exposed myself, and then I could be known and accepted.

But it’s not like that

I get presented, I get exposed, with all my oddities and weirdness. Totally naked.
Totally as the person is.
That’s the acceptance.

How beautiful is that…that it’s that way around.
If it was the other way around, it would be endless, I could never get out all the creases.

Me, as I am, as it comes, as it is.
It doesn’t get any freer than this!

Nothing ever needed to change.
It was never meant to be personal….It never was.
Every expression to be expressed.
That’s the amazing thing, that there was never anything wrong <3

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One thought on “As It Is

  1. Deepa

    The dance here…I hide, never to get exposed, never to reveal my oddities and weirdness….Totally cocooned, just as the separation dictates….That’s the contraction….And waiting happens….”Till death do us apart” : )

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