Play of Opposites

Both sides need each other.
The opposites are necessary for there to be a play.
You can’t have one without the other, you wouldn’t know hot without knowing cold.

The oppressor wants the loot, the swag, but doesn’t want the title of bad guy, of thief, of robber. He doesn’t want the title but he also doesn’t wanna give up the loot.
Totally understandable.

On the other side, the oppressed can’t have the loot. They supposedly own the resources, but they can’t have it to enjoy, otherwise there wouldn’t be a story, they couldn’t then have the voice and the title of the victim of the robbery.

The banker role can’t play the pauper role.
The rapee role can’t play the rapist role.
They need each other to be.

There has to be this play of opposites attracting and opposing each other.
Moving towards and repelling each other.

It’s a total Love affair.
Disguised as an apparent war.

One thought on “Play of Opposites

  1. Deepa

    Play of opposites….Beautiful :)…. and so timely for this separate self, who is going through an awkward discord with its brother….realising that the position of victim and victor is interchangeable….moment to moment energy looking through apparent role playing : )

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