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No help out there

In all of my life experience…no-one’s been able to help me.

I knew this as a child, but later on I heard that there is help out there, so I tried to reach out.
Not doctors, not therapists, not teachers, not the clergy or religious people, not my husband or my mum for example during childbirth.
No-one could help me.

People would sometimes say, that they were there to help, and I’m sure they believed it. But no-one ever did help; there was nothing anyone could possibly do to help.
They themselves didn’t have a clue what this was, so how could they be of any help.

Maybe they could put band aids on, assist with temporary relief and sedation….but this was something no-one could fix.

This is something that Life itself was fixing…but the brokenness had to be exposed first. The wound had to be naked and wide-open. The temporary solutions had to be seen for what they were and no longer reached for to sedate the agony.

This wasn’t something I could do…this was something that was already happening all by itself.


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