Nothing is Needed

I wanted love from the world; love from others.
I wanted acceptance, approval and agreement; I wanted to be wanted and to be loved.

You’ll never get anything from this world of appearances, never.
You will never be fulfilled in form.
When this is deeply seen, you no longer want anything from this world; what is happening is enough.

Nothing offered will make you run.

Peace at last.
Peace, at, last.

3 thoughts on “Nothing is Needed

  1. Marianne Sciberras

    its funny that 20% discount doesn’t make me run. 🙂 lovely.

  2. Doug

    The Love union taking place in you is felt in the words you express …To see that I Am what “I” actually wanted and “Nothing ever has been or ever will be Needed!” Is to see that there never was an “I” in need, only the “thought feeling” in the body that “appeared” to torture an imagined “me” to the point of insanity and throwing everything away in utter despair, only to see that the nothing left was Real-ly all there ever was and “Nothing” included all that was thrown away, even the appear every of torture and insanity!
    “Nothing needed” is so simple so beautiful, it’s unconditionally in love with unconditional Love …

  3. Doug

    * even the “appearance” of torture an insanity …

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