This is it

This has been spoken about by hundreds if not thousands of humans for generations; a pointing to that which is beyond form. It became known as Heaven or Nirvana, and with this naming and concept of it, imaginings began of what it was like and how to get there, and how you would look and be once you arrived.
Methods and techniques were conjured up, steps to take to get closer and signs to look for of your progress; such beautiful story-telling, of the journey to beyond form.

But beyond form has never been a place somewhere else. It was never spoken of as a place to be found in the imagination, in time or as an object or an experience.
Beyond form is here, as form, as this room, as these hands, as these words, as everything that is appearing.
These forms are not real and separate as they may visually appear to be. These forms are beyond form; they are nothing appearing as form.

And so the seeker looks out in time, looks out in imagination, to find Heaven or Nirvana, but it can’t be found, because it was never lost; it is appearing as everything that already is.

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